The Positions (Learn Chinese)

POSITIONS To make references about object positions or people we need to use the following expressions. First it is said the subject, next the verb zai4, then we have to say the objet… Continue reading

Parts of the body[1] (Learn Chinese)

  PARTS OF THE BODY [1] 身shen1体ti3 = body 头tou2 = head   脸lian3 =face 头tou2顶ding3 = the top (crown)of the head 太tai4阳yang2穴xue4 = temple   脸lian3颊jia2 = cheek 颧quan2骨gu3 = cheekbone   发fa4 = hair     眼yan3睛jing1 = eye… Continue reading

Up to lèyóu plateau (Chinese Culture)

UP TO LÈYÓU PLATEAU ∞ Xiàng wǎn yì bù shì qū chē dēng gǔ yuán xī yáng wú xiàn hǎo zhǐ shì jìn huáng hūn ∞ TRADUCTION: I feel a faint towards evening, I go, I go to the old plateau nearly evening with infinite pity, but dusk approaches.… Continue reading

Seafood & Meat (Learn Chinese)

Hǎi xiān and Ròu lèi  ∞ Hǎi xiān = Seafood Ròu lèi = Meat ∞ Niú ròu = Beef Yáng ròu = Lamb Zhū ròu = Pork jī rōu = Chicken Yā ròu = Duck… Continue reading

Third Proveb List (Chinese Culture)

THIRD PROVERB LIST ∞  Love is a lamp, while friendship is the shadow. When the lamp is off, you will find the shadow everywhere. Friend is who can give you strength at least.… Continue reading

Fourth Idiom List (Learn Chinese)

FOURTH IDIOM LIST [ 一yi4鼓gu3作zuo2气qi4 ] = Rousing the Spirits with the First Drum Roll  This idiom later meant to get something done with one sustained effort.   [ 国guo2泰tai2民min2安an1 ]= The country flourishes… Continue reading

Airport Conversation (Medium Conversations)

TOURIST Ni3 hao3, qing3wen4 ni3 neng2 bang1 wo3 ma? = Hi, can you help me? SECURITY GUARD Nin2 xu1yao4 shen2me? = What do you need? TOURIST Ni3 hao3, Wo3 shi4 you2ke4, Wo3 bu4zhi1 dao4 na3ge… Continue reading

First Adjectives List Medium Level

FIRST ADJECTIVES LIST MEDIUM LEVEL ∞ To discuss difficulties:  Rong2yi4 (容易) = EASY Nan2 (难) = HARD ∞ To discuss the rightness of something:  Dui4 (对) = CORRECT Cuo4 (错) = WRONG ∞… Continue reading

Second Proverb List (Chinese Culture)

SECOND PROVERB LIST   Man struggles upwards; water flows downwards. · 人往高处走(ren2wang3gao1chu4zou3),水往低处流(shui3wang3di1chu4liu2)。   If you don’t go beyond difficulty, you won’t grow any stronger. 不克服困难(bu2ke4fu2kun2nan2),怎能变得强大(zen3neng2bian4de2qiang2da4)   Living without an aim is like sailing… Continue reading

Second Poem Tao-Te-King (Chinese Culture)

SECOND TAO-TE-KING POEM ∞ Everyone takes beauty for beauty, and therefore know what is ugly. Everyone takes the well for good, and therefore know what is wrong. Because being and non-being are mutually… Continue reading